GivingTuesday Ireland is a campaign which celebrates and enhances generosity in our communities.

Every year, not-for-profits give time and energy to people, animals, and the environment, taking care of their health and well-being. Individuals generously give their time, money, goods and voices to ensure charities can continue their important work. Businesses give their expertise and resources to help support the communities they work in.

GivingTuesday is a day where every part of a community comes together collaborate and continue the support needed, to ensure healthy and happy communities in Ireland.

We all know how generous our nation can be and we are a country where communities support each other to ensure that everyone has the right to a good life.
We are calling on you to give back to your community by making a donation to your favourite charity, volunteering, or giving your voice to a cause. #GivingTuesdayIreland

Booking for this event has now closed.