Little Flower Penny Dinners Christmas Cards!

Christmas can be a challenging season for many of our guests, often quite a lonely time for those without someone to celebrate it with. That's why we take it upon ourselves to offer a bit of holiday cheer by providing and delivering Christmas dinners to those who need it most, along with a thoughtful gift bag with goodies for them to enjoy during the festive season.

Your generous donation can make a significant difference, enabling us to continue providing these heartwarming meals and delightful gifts to the individuals we serve.

As a token of our appreciation, if you make a donation of €25 or more to the Little Flower Penny Dinners, we'd like to express our gratitude by sending you a set of 10 Christmas cards. These cards can be sent to your family, friends, and loved ones. 

The bundle comes with 10 Christmas Cards in a variety of designs and envelopes. 
Each card contains a lovely Christmas message and our logo as well as details about our charity.

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